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Ever since ancient times hospices have been offering shelter and hospitality for travellers, a feeling of security and care for the needy and those seeking help.

Unfamiliar customs and different beliefs as well as dissimilar notions of illness and different ways of expressing pain can lead to misunderstandings in everyday situations.

We have therefore made it our objective to come alongside people from different cultural backgrounds and their family members, people who are dying or in need of care, and offer them support that is sensitive to their culture. Dong Ban Ja Interkultureller Hospizdienst was founded in 2009, offering voluntary out-patient care for the sick and dying. In the long term we plan to set up an in-patient hospice.

  • We accompany disabled and dying people and their relatives, regardless of religion, nationality or worldview.

  • We provide spiritual guidance, help with the organization of care and advise in the selection of the care products.

  • We support and relieve relatives and nurses through our visits at home, in the hospital or in a care facility.

  • We also help during the time of mourning.

  • We are subject to confidentiality and work voluntarily. There are no costs for the dying and their family.

  • We are currently planning to provide "interpreters" for a multilingual, mobile hospice service, with the aim of improving cultural and language understanding.

  • The courses are offered in different languages.

  • We also offer further education on related topics such as mourning companions. Supervision is offered as well.