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About us

"Don Ban Ja" was founded in 2005 as an interkultural outpatient hospice service "Dong Heng". In April 2009 it became a project of the Humanistic Association of Germany, Berlin-Brandenburg (HVD-BB) and since carries its new name, which is korean and means "accompany people".

The Humanistic Association Germany in Berlin and Brandenburg is a non-partisan, democratic organization whose members adhere to fundamental values such as human rights, individuality, self-determination, responsibility, secularity, solidarity and tolerance.

The association is the bearer of more than 40 social, cultural and educational services. Its tasks range from child and youth work, health and social services, patient care, support of the dying, life education classes to festive and celebratory culture.

About 20 percent of the German population has an immigrant background, most of whom will not move back to their home country when they get old. In Berlin live more than 70.000 people from asian countries like Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan, India, the Phillipines and Thailand. We are here to accompany them regardles of their culture, religion or world view. 

Foreign customs, other religions and views of life as well as different feelings of illness and a different pain expression can lead to misunderstandings in everyday life. This requires empathetic accompaniment and support. Dying and needy people at the end of their life as well as their families need special attention. We have set ourselves the goal of accompanying them in a culture-sensitive way.


Bild des Benutzers Dr. Dharma Raj Bhusal
Dr. Dharma Raj Bhusal
Leitung Interkultureller Hospizdienst Dong Ban Ja
Interkultureller Hospizdienst Dong Ban Ja
Wallstraße 65
10179 Berlin
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